As we age, the cells of our skin lose the ability to respond and signs of aging appear on our skin (flaccidity, wrinkles, pronounced wrinkles, spots, ...). Once these cell damage becomes visible, only high-potency antioxidant formulas can help reverse them.


HD NOX+ is the line specially formulated with three powerful antioxidants; glutathione, lipoic acid and superoxide dismutase; They help reverse the damage caused by cell aging processes.


(+)87,9% detox effect*

*Protective and detoxifying effects by significantly decreasing lipidic peroxidation induced by UVB radiation up to 87.9% (+)49,4% antiox effect* *Topical treatment with the mixture of high strength antioxidant active ingredients (Glutathione Precursor, Superoxide Dismutase, Lipoic Acid) shows a significant antioxidant effect by reducing reactive oxygen species (ROS) up to 49.4%